01. Open Letter

Blockchain and bitcoin are born as a technological breakthrough that create a great solution to solve the problems of trust, security, privacy and convenience in payment, P2P transactions and value storage of mankind compared to previous monetary solutions. In line with the new trend of the digital money era in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, there have been many services launched, such as manufacturing.
Coin excavators, ATMs, digging coins, creating applications on blockchain technology, news sites, digital banks and exchanges… Business and digital asset investment is the most unique and latest form and also as the trend of Internet era; it has brought good luck and wealth, changed fate of thousands of people on the world for nearly 10 years. Besides luck, there are many potential risks and catastrophic losses.
Any business, model form must have winners and losers, every investment channel also has risks and profits, positive and negative, real and fake as well as the risk of losing money after one night, because of being stalked by hackers due to anonymity, it facilitates the bad guys to take change of ” It’s good fishing in troubled water”.
Through the above levels, BITXMEN Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company is born to satisfy all criteria, all worries, overcome many limitations and provide fast and quality information to help investors avoid risk and gain the best profitability and the most secure and effective transaction, mortgage of digital assets. Create tokens, connect start-up businesses with angel investors. Bitxmen with a team of experienced, creative staffs and especially the Company has legal status, established capitalization and issued valuable shares for development. Especially, the motto of spirit of service and protection with the most optimal and elite solution has brought peace of mind to help customers to gain results beyond expectation.

02. The formation and development

In July 2017, BITXMEN Investment Consulting Co., Ltd is born with the aim and the leading principle is to build a company with a high-class service style, to meet more and more customers’ needs with the fastest time and increasingly improved effectiveness.
Due to the development demand; until April 11, 2019, Bitxmen transfers to BITXMEN Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company with the goal of “Bringing long-term and attractive benefits through implementation of an appropriate development strategy, and risk management according to international standards ”. In addition, developing and promoting new technology projects, building a strong financial group.
BITXMEN aims to become a strong and sustainable financial group based on combining intellectual power, collective solidarity and blockchain technology at a new level. With its neat and lightweight structure, strong financial strength and business stability together with a corporate governance approach adopted with IT, BITXMEN is increasingly evolving in technology, trading and investment.

03. Products and services

For BITXMEN Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. This satisfaction has been clearly reflected in each service, high-quality product that the Company provides and the most important thing is to bring investment efficiency to customers.

BITXMEN Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company provides the following main products and services:

• Trading platform of digital currencies
• Investment consulting
• Corporate financial advisory for companies that want to issue the listed electronic stocks traded
on the trading exchanges.
• Franchise and deploy development models on the trading exchanges and provide system leasing
• Mortgage digital assets
• Write software on trading platform
• Write software on e-commerce
• Write information sites on electronic money

04. Trading platform

As a service, technology infrastructure provider in the field of Digital Assets. Bitxmen is the first and only Bitcoin trading platform in Vietnam with VND, allowing continuous order matching

05. Bitxmen brand message

With passion, creativity, youth and enthusiasm, BITXMEN staff and employees are striving to build a growing, strong and sustainable company.


Become a leading provider of financial services and investments in Vietnam and the world.


Helping individuals and organizations to have the highest demand for financial services and investments.

Core values

Creating value trust and prestige
06. Values

BITXMEN trades with quickly order matching speed with 24/7

01. Function

The exchange integrates all trading features

02. Speed

Quick matching speed.

03. Transaction with VND

The first exchange to trade VND with digital assets.

04. Security

2-step 2FA verification and email.

07. Competitive advantage of Bitxmen trading Exchange
Low transaction fee: 0,16% - 0.25%
Free for charging coins.
Good price, continuous order matching.
User-friendly interface, easy to use, new userscan also easily trade
Quick support, answer all questions of users
Ensure absolute safety for traders.
08. Membership development
  • Number of members on Bitxmen exchange
09. Plan on promotion and development


Promote information via news websites, on facebook, youtube, run SEO programs to promote BITXMEN brand.


There are customer care staffs who call to advise customers interested in the financial sector and in the field of digital assets.

03. Expanding the branch

Expanding the branch office, cooperating with partners in the provinces to have more points to serve customers using the company's services.

04. PR

Expand more PR programs, advertising to support introducing new products to customers.

10. Roadmap for implementing the plan
Construct and develop
January 2019
Issue BXMS
April 2019
Upgrade transaction web to reach 1 million of transactions / second
July 2019
Construct pledge web. Lending p2p digital assets
October 2019
List BXMS on international Exchange
January 2020
11. Business plan

Revenue from trading Exchange

The exchanges is having a stable source of revenue and will have increasingly increase its revenue invested in high-end platforms and wide marketing.

Self-trading revenue

The company's self-trading account also brings a significant profit, to have a good cost of company operation. After issuance of electronic stocks, working capital and investment funds with capital increase, then profit from self-trading account will bring a very high profit.

Revenue from franchising

According to the management of the company, the end of 2019 and early 2020 is the booming year of the digital asset market, so the company has focused on financial and human resources to prepare technology, financial products to prepare for franchising for partners who want to act as agents, trading exchanges in conjunction with BITXMEN.COM.

Revenue from Listing service

More than a year, company also has certain prestige in the digital asset market, so many companies have used this service to list the electronic stock exchange to mobilize capital, through this service, the company also collects a sizable service fee.
12. What is Bitxmen Stock?

is the electronic stock of the Bitxmen Trading Platform, developed on the basis of Blockchain technology (ERC20). BXMS is as a stock, allowing the owner to receive profits from the business results of Bitxmen Investment Consulting JSC


Total shares

13. Information
  • Enjoy the prescribed profit. 85% for shareholders, 15% for employees Profit after tax of the company
  • Income will be based on the number of shares available on the investor’s account on Bitxmen.com at the time of division, or use the dividends to buy shares from the market to cancel
  • Can buy, sell directly on Bitxmen Exchange
  • Increase working capital for trading exchange
  • Construct digital asset mortgage leasing exchange
  • Upgrade the trading floor model to match with international exchange
  • Develop financial products to support digital money trading services
  • Revenue from trading exchange
  • Self-trading revenue
  • Revenue from franchising
  • Revenue from Listing service
  • Revenue from software outsourcing
  • Revenue from mortgage services
  • Revenue from news site advertising
14. Bitxmen Stock allocation plan
  • Staff (1,5%)
  • Founding partner (51%)
  • Community (47,5%)
15. Commission

Members who introduce investors to buy BXMS shares will receive a percentage bonus on the investment value:

- F1: 2%, F2: 1% of the total purchase of shares.

Opening time for sale is 10am on April 23, 2019

(This is a member gratitude program that has contributed to the development of users for Bitxmen.com)

16. Plan and distribution roadmap for BXMS

Plan on handling number of shares not sold out

After the end of the offering, the number of shares not offered for sale will be handed over to the Board of Directors to continue offering to other strategic shareholders at appropriate prices and conditions, but not lower than the purchase price of the end investor. In case it is not sold out, the remaining shares considered as un-issued will be canceled and the total number of issued shares will be reduced according to the corresponding number.

Time 10am 23/4/2019  10am 24/4/2019  10am 25/4/2019  10am 29/4/2019  10am 06/05/2019
Quantity 9.646.875 19.293.750 38.587.500 77.175.000 154.350.000
Price (vnd) 50 55-100 105-200 205-400 405-800
Distribution channel website website website website website

17. Charts

Current price

800 VND

18. Teams

Nguyen Phuoc Bao Toan

Technology Specialist

Dao Thanh Quy

System Manager

Nguyen Thi Hoi

Finance director

Ken nguyen


Ha Thi Thu Hien

Deputy General Manager

Bui Xuan Xay

General manager - CEO